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Four Quarters Virtual Book Launch Event - https://youtu.be/YjNdGWlg0-Q 


“STORY is powerful and images build bridges and seeing one’s journey through the basketball image of four quarters provides an appropriate way of dealing with discoveries, shifts, excitements, exhaustions, epiphanies, etc., that come with maturing in faith. Dr. Tinsley, having played college ball, understands the parallels between walking by faith with God and enduring four quarters on the court better than most. Both her theological and therapy background provide a fascinating bridge between two disciplines often at odds. However, if one can “play” all four quarters, it becomes evident how connected the two are. Regardless of what quarter you’re in, get in the game and walk by faith on this exciting journey called “Life with God.”” Dr. William H. Curtis, Pastor, Mount Ararat Baptist Church, Pittsburgh, PA



The Latest Book from Dr. Taunya Marie Tinsley


Four Quarters: A Cultural and Developmental Approach to Transforming Your Spiritual Autobiography

Four Quarters implements sports metaphors, specifically basketball, that will assist readers with developing their spiritual story/autobiography. Scriptures and psychological concepts are included to help you make sense and understand your spiritual story. Author Taunya Marie Tinsley's experience of developing her own spiritual autobiography assisted her with understanding who she is; making sense of her journey; and finishing unfinished business from her past while improving her understanding of God and her faith in the process. She hopes  readers can model her vulnerability and experiences to assist them with their own personal process.

This book is designed for anyone who is in service to others and is seeking understanding of their spiritual story rot dynamically transform past experiences into new beginnings. This book can be used in a variety of settings including small groups, churches and spiritual leadership teams, seminaries, and academic programs seeking to assist their leaders, congregants, or students with identifying their spiritual story from a cultural and developmental approach. If helping professionals and those in service in the community or church are to promote growth and change in those they help, they must be willing to promote growth in their own lives.

To pre-ordering directly from Dr. Tinsley please click the following link to pay $23 on PayPal: https://py.pl/7OIKtYcmdNf. If you order directly from Dr. Tinsley, you will receive a personalized signed copy. The price includes shipping and handling. 

Orders for the book may also be placed directly with Dorrance Publishing Co. or Amazon: 

"Talking with Dr. T" with Dr. Cirecie West-Olatunji

Topic: Trauma and the Impact of COVID-19 and Racism on Individuals Across the Lifespan and the Role of Faith-Based Organizations

September 2020


"Talking with Dr. T" with Dr. Marilyn Griffin, MD, FAPA, DFAACAP

Topic: The Role of a Psychiatrist, Medication, and Mental Health During COVID and the Impact on Children and Adolescents 

August 2020


"Talking with Dr. T" with Dr. Shanita Brown, NCC, LPC

Topic: Domestic Violence including Intimate Partner Violence and Faith Communities

July 2020


"Talking with Dr. T" with Dr. Jessica Young Brown

Topic: A Discussion of "Making Space at The Well: Mental Health and The Church"

June 2020


"Talking with Dr. T" with Rev. Dr. William H. Curtis

Topic: The Marriage of Counseling/Psychology, Theology, Faith, and Mental Health

May 2020



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Dr. Taunya M Tinsley

Dr. Taunya M Tinsley

Join us at Tabernacle Baptist Church, Coatesville, PA for a screening & discussion of Resilience, a 1-hour documentary that delves into the science of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and the birth of a movement to treat and prevent toxic stress. kpjrfilms.co/resilience/
Dr. Taunya M Tinsley

Dr. Taunya M Tinsley

Congratulations to my friend and brother in the ministry, Pastor Anderson, on the completion of his new book! I am honored to have written the foreword for his book. Available on the publisher’s website: westbowpress.com/en/bookstore/b… Available on Amazon beginning tomorrow.

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