Training Components

Biblical, Historical and Theological Development

  • Biblical/Scriptural Use and Understanding of Sport Metaphors
  • History of the Church and Sports
  • A Systematic Theological Approach to Sports that includes The Doctrine of Creation

Leadership Development

  • Multicultural Organizational Team Development
  • Developing Multicultural Competent Coaches, Players and Recruits
  • Exegeting the City, Invading your Cultural Context
  • Ethical and Legal Issues and Practice on God's Team

Total Health and Wellness Development

  • Social Development
  • Physical Development
  • Emotional/Mental Health Development
  • Spiritual and Faith Development
  • Occupational/Career Development
  • Intellectual Development
  • Youth, Adolescent and Adult Development

Sports Ministry Development (Approaches to Sport Ministry) 

  • Multicultural Sports Counseling Competencies
  • Illustrate Biblical Principles
  • Sport Chaplaincy
  • Outreach
  • The Church Sports Program
  • The Church Team
  • Church Sport and Recreation Model
  • Sport Evangelism
  • The Sports Services
  • Recreation and Fitness
  • Christian Sport Celebrity
  • The McCown Sport in Ministry Approach

Counseling/Psychological Services and Ministry Development 

  • Spiritual Care
  • Pastoral Care
  • Pastoral Counseling
  • Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Therapy
  • Christian Counseling
  • Ethical and Legal Issues in Counseling and Pastoral Care
  • Culturally Sensitive and Culturally Appropriate Counseling Services
  • Spiritual, Christian and Faith-Based Skills and Interventions
  • Counseling Ministry Model

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Dr. Taunya M Tinsley

Dr. Taunya M Tinsley

“The preaching function has been very important in the pastoral care of black people. In this context, when preaching has as its primary aim the care and concern for the person in crisis, this is pastoral care.” Join us tomorrow for an in-depth discussion on the relevancy today!

Dr. Taunya M Tinsley

“Healing encounters in the gospels take place in the context of a relationship (between healer & person needing healing), & often explicitly involve the healing of the social relationships within that particular context” (Savage, 2007) #psychology #mentalhealth #faith #pastors
Dr. Taunya M Tinsley

Dr. Taunya M Tinsley

It’s been said psychology can be used in reading & understanding the gospels. And that the gospels contain a variety of material that is open to psychological interpretation. Join Talking w/ Dr. T with @JMCarterjr in 2 days. #pastors #faith #mentalhealth…

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