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Sean Lewis, B.A., is originally from Newark, NJ and now resides in Randolph, NJ. Over the past twenty years, Sean has worked with the youth of Calvary Baptist Church, Morristown, NJ as well as worked with the Morristown, NJ Community. Currently, he serves as the Interim Youth Minister at Calvary Baptist Church, Morristown, NJ. In 2019 Sean graduated from Pillar College, Newark, NJ, with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Counseling with a concentration in marriage and family counseling. He is currently pursuing his Master of Arts in Counseling at Pillar College that will prepare him for the National Counselor Exam and for licensure as a professional counselor. Sean provides individual, marriage, and family counseling.

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Dr. Taunya M Tinsley

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Dr. Taunya M Tinsley

In town for the American Counseling Association's Annual Convention (@ACA_CTOnline) and would LOVE ♥️♥️ to attend the @Raptors game tomorrow night against Miami!!! How can I get tix??? Please!!

Dr. Taunya M Tinsley

“Effective teamwork happens when each team member uses his, her, their, special skills. Ideally, each member’s strength will contribute something important to the team effort. In this way, members make up for one another’s weaknesses.” #LessonsfromExodus #Teamwork #Leadership

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